Kathryn Gibson

Consultant Solicitor

Kathryn started working as a mental health case worker in 2009 and has been mental health panel accredited since 2011. She has been a fee-paid Judge in both mental health and employment law since January 2023 and an Associate Hospital Manager since November 2022. She joined us at Southerns in 2015 as an employed Solicitor until 2019 and re-joined us in 2020 as a Consultant Solicitor.

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Kathryn’s biggest achievement in her career/adult life would be being made a fee-paid Judge of the First-tier Tribunal (HESC) Mental Health and a fee-paid Employment Judge of the Employment Tribunals.

Kathryn achieved a 2:1 law degree from Staffordshire University, completed in 2008, which was the first two-year law degree to be offered, instead of three years. Her LPC was completed in 2009 at Staffordshire University. In her free time, she loves going to the gym, the theatre and being on holiday!

What people say about Kathryn:

“Ms Gibson demonstrates an excellent manner with clients, works with them in an unbiased, empathetic way and has the ability to be understanding of their needs, which at times are complex. Ms Gibson has no problem spending additional time with clients to help them to understand matters and has shown patience. Ms Gibson has also been able to diffuse situations when clients or family members have become distressed, a skill she applies as both a Solicitor and Judge during hearings.”

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