Ashleigh Howard


Ashleigh joined us at Southerns in 2016 where she began specialising in Mental Health and qualified as a Solicitor in 2019. She graduated from the University of South Wales with a law degree, having studied part-time whilst working at another local firm. She then completed by LPC at Manchester Metropolitan University, again part-time whilst working. During those studies she moved to Southerns Solicitors where she was awarded a training contract.



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Most of Ashleigh’s workload is made up of Court of Protection Health and Welfare matters. These cases involve representing individuals who lack capacity in relation to issues such as their residence, care and treatment and contact with others. She is also able to act for family members where they are joined as a party to such proceedings. In addition, she is regularly instructed on community care matters which concern the obligations and duties of social services and NHS bodies.

Ashleigh is a Law Society Mental Health accredited practitioner, meaning she is able to represent client’s detained under the Mental Health Act at Tribunal Hearings. A highlight within her career is securing three Mental Health Tribunal discharges in a row – the first one being her first ever discharged client.

In her free time, she loves to spend time with her whirlwind of a toddler, boisterous dog (a cavapoo named Copper) and very patient husband. She has recently moved house and discovered that the property is names ‘Pendleview’.. just like the mental health unit at Blackburn where I have represented many a patient. Though bizarrely the house does not have a view of Pendle at all!

What people say about Ashleigh

Her favourite was not a written review but was from a longstanding client detained under the Mental Health Act…

“I had arranged to see him on the ward and as I walked on, he ran off to his bedroom before reappearing a moment later with Tina Turner ‘The Best’ blasting out of his stereo and a big smile aimed at me.”


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