Make A Payment

Make A Payment

Step 1

Enter your Southerns Reference, Invoice number or description of the payment you are making.

Step 2

Enter the amount being paid.

Step 3

Click ‘Continue’ to complete your payment.

Please note:Southerns Solicitors do not accept card payments for more than £5,000.

If you wish to pay more than £5,000, please arrange payment by bank transfer or cheque. If you require our bank details, please call 01282 422711 and ask to speak with our accounts department.

Please note we cannot accept payments for the completion of property or Deposit funds (for further clarification please contact the accounts department)


Our Refund Policy is in addition to the Terms and Conditions of Business and is at the discretion of Southerns Solicitors. Any refunds due to you where payment has been made by credit/debit card, can only be refunded to the card used to make your payment. This policy does not affect return of funds paid on account which will be handled in accordance with our standard Terms & Conditions of Business. All refunds will be processed as soon as your original payment has cleared in our account.