A sweet treat for NHS staff from all at Southerns…

Southerns Solicitors recently looked to raise spirits with a small token of appreciation to NHS staff across a number of wards in the Lancashire area.

Everyone at Southerns recognises the incredible work carried out by NHS staff during this uncertain time and we cannot thank you enough for your dedication.

The biscuits were from Williams Hand baked in Preston and we hope that they were as tasty as they looked!

In honour of our Key Workers during this difficult time, we are still offering all Key Workers 25% off our usual fees for Wills and LPAs throughout May and June.

If you are a Key Worker then all you need to do is telephone our office on 01282 422711 and ask to speak to a member of the Private Client Team or alternatively email the team at privateclient@southernslaw.co.uk for more information.

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